Quality Systems

Certified Way of Working

Most of HKScan's operations are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC standards, and ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

All plants run by HKScan in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics have a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001. A few also hold ISO 22000 certification for their product safety management system. 
To some extent, the British Retail Consortium's BRC certification is held in all business segments.

                                       Examples of our certificates

Responsible Environmental Management

Environmental management is a key component in HKScan's management system. Therefore environmental concerns are catered for at every stage. An ISO 14001-certified environmental management system is in use at all HKScan production plants in Finland, Estonia and at six plants in Sweden.

As responsible food manufacturers, HKScan and it´s subsidiaries seek to operate on the principle of causing minimum environmental impact during production. Among the Group's companies, HKScan Sweden AB and HKScan Finland Oy have engaged in systematic environmental efforts since the mid-1990's. HKScan Sweden AB is an environmental management pioneer in the Swedish meat sector. HKScan's contributions in this field include the provision of an annual report presenting environmental information, examining the achievements of ethical concerns and outlining targets for future development. HKScan's way of reporting at this kind of detailed level is unique to the entire industry. HKScan Sweden aims to cut its greenhouse emissions by 50 percent by the year 2020 in comparison with the year of 2003.

In Finland, a lot of efforts have been put into consistent and systematic operations of the production plants as regards to environmental issues. These efforts are greatly facilitated by the certified environmental management system in use at all HKScan Finland plants. The company has also the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification.